Answers to Dog Health Questions from Doctors. 

To allow the affected region to breathe and to ensure that it remains dry, the hair should be trimmed around the affected area.  

Cleaning: Using a gentle antiseptic solution that has been advised by your veterinarian, clean the hot spot in a gentle manner. 

In order to prevent or treat an infection, it is recommended to apply topical antibiotics or drugs that have been prescribed.  

By utilizing an Elizabethan collar, often known as an E-collar, you can prevent more licking and scratching from occurring. 

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Determine the Root Cause at Large: Find out what the underlying reason is and take action to treat it. 

Some of the potential causes include fleas, allergies, and skin irritants.  

Medication In the event that the condition is serious, a veterinarian may recommend that the patient take oral antibiotics or steroids. 

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