Big Peanut Butter Mistakes 

Despite the fact that peanut butter has been around for a very long time, it is now a completely contemporary marvel.  

The cuisine became extremely popular almost immediately, and its popularity has continued to skyrocket ever since. 

Statistics from Statista indicate that in the year 2020, about 300 million people in the United States consumed peanut butter at some point in their lives. 

This multi-billion dollar industry shows no signs of slowing down,  

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with peanut butter finding its way into more and more meals beyond the basic jar that you keep in your cabinet or refrigerator. 

It is anticipated that the number of individuals who consume peanut butter will continue to increase. 

The adaptability of peanut butter is one of the reasons for its widespread popularity, in addition to the fact that it is an easy source of protein.  

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