Cheap Homemade Drinks to Pour Like a Pro Without Breaking the Bank

Brunch starts best with a mimosa. If you like sweeter cocktails, add 3 ounces of orange juice each glass or choose a sweeter bubbly.

The perfect rum and coke requires perfect proportions. Add lime juice to this classic to make the Cuba Libre, another rum-based cocktail.

Proper proportions make the perfect rum and coke. By adding lime juice, this beverage becomes the Cuba Libre, another rum-based classic.

Why not appreciate a simple, classic drink like the Tom Collins? The Collins glass-served spiked and sparkling lemonade quickly qualifies it for the summer cocktail hall of fame.

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This peachy, tangy, lemony drink is ideal for unwinding after a long day. Our favorite summer cocktail makes us feel like we're on the beach anywhere.

Ranch eater need only tequila, lime juice, and seltzer to make a less-sweet margarita.

The Dark 'N' Stormy is easy to make but packs a punch.

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