Dog Breeds for Home and Family Defense 

If you are looking for the ultimate protectors of the dog world, then you need not search any further since we have the inside scoop on them.  

To put things into perspective, before you start visualizing a snarling Doberman or a hefty Rottweiler, let's get one thing straight: 

these breeds are not the only ones that know how to guard their flock! 

We have the facts on a range of breeds that are willing to go to any lengths to protect their human companions,  

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ranging from fiercely athletic powerhouses to astute watchdogs.  

Consequently, regardless of whether you are searching for a dog that has a loud bark or one that is a quiet sentinel, we have you covered.  

As a result, take a seat, remain seated, and continue clicking through this list in order to obtain the definitive guide  

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