Excellent Church Picnic Recipes

Whipping topping completes this delectable crumble. I sometimes add flavored coffee creamer instead of whipped cream.

Layered Crowd Salad My three sons love this salad. The food service manager at our school district requested the recipe after I brought it to a luncheon. The day prior, I make the dressing to mix flavors.

Red, White, Blue Potato Salad Stirring cooked potatoes with stock and wine after draining adds taste. The liquid magically absorbs.

My mother baked this German apple cake for my brothers and me as kids. It's perfect for Christmas potlucks or any time.

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Parties and gatherings favor this. Easy recipe, meatballs can be made ahead and frozen till needed.

My mom always cooked handmade bread on our farm—nothing tasted better! Now I make these simple yet tasty muffins for my family. Linda Rasmussen, Twin Falls, Idaho

Since I can remember, I've loved this dish. My mom made it famous and gave it to me on my wedding day.

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