Famous American Restaurants to Try Before You Die

Bessemer, AlabamaGreek/seafoodPeople say: This 1907 landmark is still worth visiting. The Bright Star, named "America's Classic" by the James Beard Foundation, is known for food and service.

Alaska CoveType: Seafood Consumer feedback: The food is good. You want the clean scenery.

Scottsdale, ArizonaDiner/soda fountain food Customers say: The Sugar Bowl adds nostalgia to your sundae.

Wolfgang Puck's flagship restaurant attracts a mix of tourists, residents, and celebrities.

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Before Covid-19 stretched out everything, this tiny Nob Hill lunch shop had lineups, but it's always been worth the wait—it's another James Beard-designated restaurant.

Taxidermy-filled walls and a Western menu including rattlesnake and Rocky Mountain oysters make the Buckhorn Exchange stand out.

This modest restaurant claims to have invented the hamburger over 100 years ago, and reviewers believe time has stopped at Louis' Lunch ever since.

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