Fast Food Breakfast Items From McDonald's To Starbucks, Ranked 

A fried egg, a slice of cheese, and some savory breakfast sausage are the main ingredients in this easy-but-delicious meal from Krystal.  

The buns are steamed and served hot. For a modest additional charge, 

customers can add a small drink and potato tots to their combo meal. 

Whataburger, a beloved brand in Texas, has never expanded outside the United States, but that hasn't stopped it from thriving.  

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The delicious breakfast menu, which includes breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and taquitos, is a major selling point. 

The Breakfast Burger was originally a limited-time offering, but its popularity warranted its permanent placement on the menu. 

American cheese, crispy hash browns, and a drizzle of Whataburger's trademark Creamy Pepper Sauce, this fully loaded burger is packed into a bun. 

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