Greatest senior dogs 

Choosing a dog is a significant decision, especially if you are bringing a puppy into your home and making a commitment that will last for ten to fifteen years. 

as we get older, we also need to take into consideration our mobility levels, the amount of space we have available, and the way we live our lives.  

In the same way that a huge dog is not a good fit for someone who lives in a tiny home, a dog that demands a lot of mental stimulation and long walks,  

such as a collie, might not be a good choice for someone who has limited mobility. 

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In the event that you suffer from arthritis, you can discover that it is challenging to keep the coat of a long-haired dog.  

Therefore, a breed with wire hair or smooth hair might be a more suitable option for you.  

The cost of the dog's food, grooming, and any potential health issues that may require expensive medicine will need to be taken into consideration.  

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