Make-Ahead Appetizers to Always Have 

The recipe for these tortilla roll ups was given to me by a friend, and whenever I put them on the table, people ask me for the recipe as well. 

This is Pat Waymire from Yellow Springs, Ohio. Obtain the Recipe 

At each and every one of our neighborhood events, this one-of-a-kind appetizer is almost always present,  

and it is the first thing to be consumed from the buffet table.  

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It's not only delicious but also quite simple to make! —In the city of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, Laurie Casper 

The first time I met my spouse was in a culinary lesson. Since then, we have taken great pleasure in preparing cuisines and hosting parties.  

These antipasto skewers that may be prepared in advance are usually a hit. —Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Denise Hazen 

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