Taco Bell cut these four items permanently off its bargain menu. 

The new discount menu was reduced by five items, one of which being the Beefy Melt Burrito, a fan favorite. 

With the addition of six new "meal-sized" dishes, Taco Bell is completely revamping its Cravings Value Menu, which boasts items under $3. 

Taco Bell is removing five items from the previous value menu to create space for the new additions. 

You won't find the chipotle ranch grilled chicken, beefy melt, fiesta veggie, or basic combo burritos on the menu anymore. 

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The newly revised 10-item value menu, according to the chain's news release, has "more satiating, meal-sized items." 

Fast food prices have been steadily climbing, and consumers are looking for better deals, thus the menu has been updated to reflect this. 

The beefier options now include a cheesy double beef burrito and a beefy melt tortilla with more meat. 

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