You Should Try These Smelly Cheeses 

There are certain individuals who, when they think about cheese that is ripe and smells bad, they recoil in disgust. 

however, a mouthwatering scent emanating from the cheeseboard is a hint that they are about to have a wonderful dining experience.  

There are no washed rind cheeses among the cheeses that are presented here.  

This is a reference to the process of manufacturing artisanal cheese, which involves brining the milk with salt, 

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binding the milk with a coagulant, draining or pressing the milk to remove the whey, 

and allowing the cheese to rest in a humid area for a number of weeks. In order to promote the growth of mold, 

Despite the fact that some cheesemakers utilize vegetarian alternatives, animal rennet is typically used to washed rind cheeses  

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