Zodiacs Who Must Lose Before Finding Love 

If you want to get where you're supposed to be, sometimes you have to leave where you are. 

Get over it by ripping off the bandage. It's the most considerate and prudent course of action going ahead.  

Because you cling so tenaciously to those who are important to you, Cancer, you are the typical breakup victim. 

You, Libra, are involved in the field of forgiveness. Any time you see that someone is trying to get better, you're going to give them another shot.  

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You have the right to end a relationship if the person has made numerous attempts to be the partner you deserve but has failed miserably.  

Capricorn  Capricorn, you cherish the relationships you form and would hate to see them end because you rarely get connected to anyone.  

Staying connected with people you've known for a long time is important, regardless of how tumultuous your history may be. 

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